"My progress is still amazing.  I was out with friends until 1 a.m. last night.  I am back volunteering at the cat homing centre and have started re-claiming my garden!  All in 4 weeks of doing the Lightning Process

Janet, who was trained by Jenny Gilmore to use the Lightning Process®.  To find out more click here 

Welcome to the webpages of  Jenny Gilmore Advanced Phil Parker Lightning Process® Practitioner.  Jenny is a registered practitioner with the Complementary and National Health Council, the UK regulator for Complementary Health Care.

Jenny has an established professional practice and is one of the most experienced advanced Lightning Process® Practitioners in the UK and the world. She is an experienced NLP, EFT and hypnotherapy practitioner and coach. She specialises in helping people move forward from chronic issues.  She lives in Yorkshire, and provides local trainings in Leeds, Sheffield and in the beautiful city of York  

Jenny was chronically ill with ME for 14 years.  Life was tough.  She was in bed most of the day, walked with a stick and needed a wheelchair or electric scooter to walk more than short distances.  She now enjoys hiking in the Yorkshire Dales and has a full-time job. For more information about Jenny click here

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UK: Additional date - would you like to join us next week in Leeds? for more information contact Jenny 
UK: York  18 -20 April
UK: Sheffield April/May - please email Jenny to confirm your date 

 (for additional dates please contact Jenny)

I am your highly experienced Yorkshire based advanced practitioner and run trainings in Yorkshire twice a month.  For future Leeds/York/Sheffield dates please contact Jenny

Next Lightning Process Follow Up Seminar: These run York or Sheffield, every 4 - 8 weeks .  For the next date please contact Jenny

One to One and international: Please e-mail Jenny for details.

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Jenny teaches the lightning process® to give you the tools to influence your wellbeing, your health and your personal & professional life.

Its a powerful non medical tool and over a 3 day training course she teaches how you can influence your health & life.  You will understand how the cycle of ill-health becomes self-perpetuating and on day 1 you will discover how to break this cycle and start reducing your symptoms. 

Jenny has worked with hundreds of clients, adults and children and one to one at home with people with people who are severely unwell.  She works with small groups providing the Lightning Process® across Yorkshire eg Hull.  She works from venues in York, Central Sheffield and Leeds.  Her venues are within easy reach of many UK and international destinations. Her Leeds base is on the outskirts of the city, very accessible to the M1.

Jenny is committed to providing professional, quality training and follow up support. Her Lightning Process®  training incorporates her standard Lightnng Process® training, and follow up and a unique support package designed to meet the individual needs of her clients.  As your advanced locally based practitioner she is able to provide follow up seminars and face to face one to one support if required.  For further information  click here and here.

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Jenny Gilmore BSc, Dip. Clin. Hyp. NLP, MBIH

Jenny Gilmore is registered with the CNHC, the national regulatory body for Complementary Health Practitioners. She is a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and is a Advanced registered Lightning Process Practitioner ®.